• Hello, I'm AJ.

    a little bit about me

    Not your typical “HR” leader. Product-driven people champion. Firm believer in human-centric design, products and experiences.

  • Character, Integrity and Purpose

    A lot of what fuels my interests and passions intersect at bridging the gaps in talent, culture and career. The three words above matter to me in the grand scheme of things. The result of what I do moves people and organizations forward to create a future of infinite possibilities. I'm very passionate about building the leaders and organizations of tomorrow. It's never easy, but it is my own definition of meaningful work. I currently serve as the Founder and & Executive Director of Infuse Program Foundation where we turn at-risk youth into entrepreneurs in nine weeks. I also have the wonderful opportunity to serve as the People & Culture leader for one of the nation's largest real-estate online marketplaces. I consider what I do with Infuse and work as a key contributor to developing talent for the future.

    Building culture is my knack and creating the conditions for people and their talents to come to life in a meaningful way is what excites me. I am often described as a big picture thinker and fanatic executor, though I consider myself an entrepreneur at heart that's just naturally curious. I like thoughtful approaches to complex problems and creating high impact solutions. I fall deeply in love with problems and am energized by the journey in discovering why they exist and how to solve them. The work I do centers around moving people and organizations forward by way of creating, building and institutionalizing process, and designing/experimenting innovative approaches. I get most of my joy in discovering leadership from those around me and have continuously found that a vast knowledge of intelligence exists untapped just waiting for the right question to be asked.

    Looking for someone who can navigate both strategy and tactics?


    I learn wicked fast. Learning something new everyday and design is important to me. I like to discover creative and better ways of doing things. I view failure as an opportunity to gain momentum into progress.


    Like I said before, I love thoughtful and innovative approaches to complex problems. I've had the opportunity to experience trying new things in roles I've been in whether it be in sales, marketing, hr, support engineering and the non-profit world. You want someone who can brainstorm the heck out of a problem and also help you architect and execute a delivery plan?


    Send me a note.

  • Here's a flavor of the work I've done over the years.

    Launching Young Women in Tech Initiative

    Women in Technology International Conference [2018]

    Launch of the initiative very much connected to the passion I have for empowering young minds. MiniWITI is an initiative that will create 1M acts of curiosity to power the future.


    More information at www.miniwiti.com.

    Culture Matters: How Leadership Enables Toxicity And Makes Way for Mediocrity

    Published on Forbes Community Voice [2018]

    Do we really know what makes toxicity acceptable in the workplace? In my observation of several high- and low-performing teams and organizations, leaders have a lion's share of responsibility in identifying and addressing toxic behavior that ultimately affects the organization's bottom line.

    Using Design Thinking to Transform Your People Strategies

    Silicon Valley HR Network

    In this work sample, I breakdown the steps to transform your People team from an administrative function to a product-driven organization. Send me a note and i can give you access to the framework I used and taught to the Silicon Valley HR Network.

    Recognized as 25 Mom's of Color in Technology

    Isn’t It Time That Working Moms of Color Got Their Due? (article on Medium)

    These are women that face challenges in the workplace and in life that are far greater than other groups — from lower pay to unfair biases. Yet, they still get things done. They make our businesses more profitable and our communities stronger. And they do it all while juggling huge family responsibilities.

    Building Leaders of Tomorrow Today

    Overall program design and execution of strategic leadership program.

    14 month development journey teaching design thinking and personal leadership experience through action learning projects tied to key business strategies.

    Career Hacks, Confessions of a Corporate Millennial

    Young Professional Summit Keynote Speech [2015]

    Slides to a keynote speech I delivered for the Northern CA Young Professional Summit detailing the 5 Career Hacks on how to become an Irresistible employee.


    I'm also writing a book on this topic. More info can be found on: http://www.careerhacks.co

    Infuse Program Foundation Pitch Night 

    Symposium of Ideas Kickoff [2014]

    A preview into the work my foundation does with young entrepreneurs in the underserved community of East Side San Jose. Where we turn at risk youth into entrepreneurs in nine weeks.


    Visit: http://www.infuseprogram.org

    Nimble Storage LEAD Program

    LEAD Program Kickoff Event [2014]

    In 2014 I played key role in setting the foundation for Leadership & Talent Development at Nimble. Here I showcase the leadership model and the programs that support manager and leadership training.

    The Art & Science of Internal Communications

    NCHRA Summit 2014 Keynote [2014]

    Discover the art and science in internal marketing and communications by learning internal marketing strategies and techniques that will help gain buy-in at any level in the organization. I also cover what foundational channels you must cultivate and develop to ensure you get as much bang as possible in your employee communications.

    Op Ed: It’s Time for More Schools to Inspire Creativity in Their Students

    Published article on Takepart.com [2013]

    In this article, I detail my passion around how kids— no matter where they are from — can become entrepreneurs and what teachers can do to create such an environment.

    Linked Learning Will Help Ensure Employers Find Skilled Workers

    Published Op Ed on San Jose Mercury News [2011]

    Traditional methods of teaching in high schools are outdated and ineffective. It is time to embrace an education model that will infuse education with relevance and provide the kind of work-readiness skills that students want and employers need.